HR/Recruitment Training
We Provide HR/ Recruitment  training for

   MBA Students who are asipiring to become HR Professinals.

   B.Tech Freshers who are looking for a non Programming roles in IT Industry.

   Graduates who have taken multiple technology training and still in job search.

Interested people can reach us at
[email protected] / 7997 6022 55

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What we teach in this HR / Recruitment Training

Industry Overview

Organization Structure, Hierarchy, Different Departments in any Company and various roles in a company and various Technologies in the IT industry

Job Description and CV

Understanding the given Job description and see if anything is missing. How to explain the given JD to the candidates.
Understanding the given CV and see if anything missing before we submit the same to the Interview panel.

Technologies & Job roles

Recruiter must have the understanding of all the technologies in the market and the respective job roles in the IT Industry.

Sourcing & Screening

Sourcing profiles from various job portals, social networks and building  our contacts in the industry.
Screening the sourced resume against the given JD.

Building our Own Network & Data Management

As a recruiter along with the sourcing channels we should be good in building our network and manage the contact effeciently.

Email & Telephone Etiquettes 

How to communicate with the Interview panel & candidates through emails and phone calls and various email drafts.


Understanding payslips, offer letters, relieving letters, hike letters, salary structure and other required documentation

Offer / Followup / Backup Plans

Offer negotation, Offer followup and backup plans